Larry Mullins

Immature People with Power... How to Handle Them

Immature People with Power Book Cover How to connect with difficult people and make every relationship productive.

IT IS ESTIMATED THAT 15% OF YOUR FINANCIAL SUCCESS COMES from your professional skills, and 85% from your proficiency at establishing relationships with other people. This groundbreaking book provides essential tools to establish rapport and trust with anyone, even emotionally challenged people who have the power to make your life miserable. These methods work not only for salespersons, employees, nurses, hospitality professionals, and law enforcement officials, but also for CEOs, managers, and anyone who must deal with troublesome people.

Material from Immature People with Power ... How to Handle Them was included in an officers training manual by the U.S. Air Force. Larry Mullins has presented his program to graduate classes at several universities, to high school seniors, and to corporate executives. Easy to learn and apply, the basics of the program can be understood in a single sitting. Not only will you be able to work with immature people in a stress-less manner, you can quickly maximize your performance with a five-step program for setting the self-actualization process into motion, regardless of your home or work environment.

Preview Sections from the Book:
Introduction: Why this Management Guide for Employees was Written
The End of Harry Haight
The Five Deadly "Games"

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