Larry Mullins

June 6, 2009

Noble Values are active agents that change lives

Most people have been conditioned to believe that values are purely humanly-contrived ideas, a kind of furniture for the mind. When Abraham Maslow announced that he had discovered MetaValues operating as active agents influencing the behavior of every self-actualizing person he studied, his colleagues were shocked. Maslow wrote, “[MetaValues] are perceived, not invented … They exist beyond the life of the individual. They can be conceived to be a kind of perfection. They could conceivably satisfy the human longing for certainty.”
Maslow’s ideas about values are probably very far from what you may have read or heard. The common claim is, “My values are mine and yours are yours.” This can be accurate enough when applied to our tastes for things such as clothing, music, and food, but it is not valid at all when applied to the cardinal issues of Truth and Integrity. You may have come to believe that values are merely admonitions designed by society to keep you in line—various do’s and don’ts that operate as reins to hold you back and channel your behavior. Dr. Maslow acknowledged the nature of these society-contrived values, and he determined that they tend to be imposed from the outside. However, as we mature into Self-Actualizers, we begin to resist these intrusive, coerced values. MetaValues then awaken from somewhere inside and begin to stir into action. Unlike the values of childhood that sometimes served as reins to retard and control us, MetaValues are more like a team of powerful horses that pull us along toward uncharted possibilities.

June 2, 2009

How to actualize a new life of incredible happiness

The concept Maslow called his most important finding, MetaValues (or what he designated as Being values), has been neglected and is in danger of being lost. MetaValues are inner resources available to everyone. They change lives. They drive and inspire the top one percent of the world’s achievers, people Dr. Maslow designated as Self-Actualizers. MetaValues will one day lead to an explosion of human potential that will revolutionize the world we live in. This pronouncement may seem to some to be grandiose. It did not originate with me, it originated with Abraham Maslow. I believe he was right. Dr. Maslow was convinced—as I am—that when that day comes, MetaValues will foster “A new image of man, a new image of society, a new image of nature, a new philosophy of science, a new economics, a new everything…” For more information and to view free videos, go to .

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