Larry Mullins

June 8, 2009

Truth, Beauty and Goodness and the Nobility of Spirit

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Several months ago Professor Darrin M. McMahon of Florida State University reviewed a remarkable book in the Wall Street Journal. The slim book, “The Nobility of Spirit … A Forgotten Ideal,” was written by Rob Riemen. It is one of those rare works that compel several readings. The philosophy of this book resonates beautifully with “The MetaValues Breakthrough.” Dr. McMahon quoted Riemen as follows:

“There can be no civilization without the realization that human beings have a double nature. They have a physical, earthly existence but are distinguished from other animals by also having a spiritual being and by knowing the world of ideas.”

McMahon added this comment:

“It is the role of thinkers and writers, [Riemen] believes, to serve as guardians of our spiritual nature and as custodians of timeless values, cultivating ‘truth, goodness, and beauty’ as well as ‘freedom and justice, love and charity.’ Therein lies the essence of human dignity and human freedom – the source of the spirit’s nobility.”

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