Larry Mullins

June 19, 2009

Is there really a secret?

Is there really a “secret”?
Does it REALLY Work?
The answer will surprise you …
With the publication of The MetaValues Breakthrough, Larry Mullins sweeps aside the idea that Self-Actualization is a process for the favored few. In this remarkable book Larry integrates Maslow’s concepts with the latest advancements and has created, according to one psychologist, “the most advanced framework ever written for achieving lasting peace, joy, and optimum actualization of potential.”
The MetaValues Breakthrough is not science …
The MetaValues Breakthrough is not Religion …
The MetaValues Breakthrough is not Philosophy …
The MetaValues Breakthrough is not “new age” …
The MetaValues Breakthrough is rather a synthesis of the most powerful ideas of science, religion and philosophy.
You have, right now, access to exactly the same core of power, energy, and inspiration that sustains the top one percent of achievers, the fortunate few, the Self-Actualizers. Starting today you can set into motion the process for creating a new life based upon all that is True, Beautiful and Good. To learn more watch the free videos at . There is no opt-in information required. Just enjoy!

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