Larry Mullins

June 7, 2009

How to Create a New MetaValues-driven Life

Over the years, I have discovered that modern minds have trouble applying the classical terms of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to the hard practicalities of life. In order to make these ideas more accessible, I have chosen to supplement them with the reasonably parallel—and more action-related—terms Integrity, Excellence, and Caring. While we cannot see or examine a MetaValue, we can detect its presence and influence in the same way Dr. Maslow did. When he observed a Self-Actualizer living a life of remarkable Integrity, he deducted that the MetaValue of Truth was influencing that life. When he detected Excellence, he concluded that this was an expression of the MetaValue of Beauty. A Caring individual is one expressing the MetaValue of Goodness. The terms Integrity, Excellence, and Caring represent the MetaValues of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness made visible through action.

MetaValues are not something someone created; they are realities that were discovered. The best evidence for this is the fact that all normal people, regardless of race, religion, or culture, share and recognize MetaValues on some level. I learned that even the most materialistic business people, perplexed by the challenge of applying MetaValues to their work, readily respond when asked, “Would you hire an associate you knew to be lacking in Integrity? How about one who was uncaring and indifferent about his fellow workers, customers, and the community in general? Would you want to employ people who could not be motivated to strive for high levels of Excellence in their work?” The answers to these questions are so obvious because MetaValues are universal realities that transcend cultures and the barriers between science, philosophy, and religion.

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